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What Is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

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What Is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Oct 17,2022
Vegetable tanning is an ancient leather tanning process. In fact, the earliest historical records can be traced back to prehistoric times. When we talk about vegetable tanning, we must pay attention to TANNIN, its main feature, a natural product extracted from plants. Tannins are found in the wood of quebracho and chestnuts, so the global leather industry mixed them with water to develop vegetable tanning. In the past few years, vegetable tanning has become a very famous trend. We consume a lot of vegetable leather in Danke because it respects the environment and has various advantages, such as:
● Anti bacteria
● Create resistance 
● Emphasize natural character
● Making unique products
Vegetable tanning products
When we immediately use vegetable leather, we will notice the direct contact with nature. Because of the tannin smell from the leather, it seems to walk in the forest. This is a return to the past. When you touch a garment made with plants, you will feel a kind of nature, a kind of resistance, and a kind of transparency, which cannot be reproduced by any other tanning. Danke is always different and loyal to itself for customers seeking high-quality products and requiring unique processes.
Vegetable Tanned Leather Reduces Bacterial Damage
Our life will encounter many kinds of bacteria every day. The use of vegetable tanned leather products means that we can be protected from these bacteria. In fact, TANNIN in the leather fiber hinders the spread of the virus, which acts as a barrier for transmission.
The Secret of Vegetable Tanning

Each tannery or tanner keeps the tanning formula secretly. In each case, they will not tell you what percentage of queracho, water or chestnuts were used in preparing vegetable tanning. Each tannery uses a different process. Danke is a sustainable factory. We use vegetable tanned leather to make various leather jackets.
We invite customers to think about green and focus on the concept of sustainable development. The most important thing is to use vegetable leather for production. At the same time, our office can provide you with more details and clarify any questions. Please send an email to us. We love nature and the world. It is time to protect our lives and our leather products. It is time to change our minds and enter a new era.