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Garment Wash

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Garment Wash

Oct 17,2022
About The Washing Process Of Ready-made Clothes
Step 1: Ready To Wear Washing
Garment washed to achieve untic effect.
we will use some unique handmade leather to apply dye on the finished seam allowance, so that they are different in color, appearance and appearance.

As you can see in these pictures, leather jackets are very spiritual.
Step 2: Finished Product Processing
In order to achieve this special effect, we used a spray gun to enable us to standardize the appearance. Indeed, we have the opportunity to achieve results through multiple steps. In short, by hand spraying, we can define the final effect of our leather.

What we have done is to re spray the finished product with a chemical solution made of waxy aniline or silicon to make it look more retro, older and more athletic.
What does Danke do

Over the past 30 years, Danke has made a variety of leather products using ready to wear washing and hand finishing techniques, because our customers need this technology very much, especially European customers. The most interesting thing is that the whole process is handmade, so we need to be patient, and the most important thing is to pay maximum attention, otherwise we may damage the product.
Danke offers different solutions:
● Spay by handmade 
● A special finishing, garment processing
● Embroidery or printing all over the leather jackets 
● Customization 
All right, in a word, we invite you to check our previous products. Which one looks super good, please email us to for more details about the new leather treatment