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We have been using sustainable materials for many years. We are also a vegan leather jacket manufacturer.

Vegan Leather Jacket Manufacturer

Moral creation is a problem that modern people are very concerned about. We have a very strong spirit of animal protection. If you need something that does not involve any animal products, we have expertise in purchasing pure raw materials, such as pure leather or suede, as well as various quality organic cotton, canvas, bamboo and hemp, and colors. Modern pure materials are durable, breathable and luxurious.

In our factory, customers can develop environment-friendly leather jackets. We do not use PVC, plastics, dioxins, but only organic sources.

In order to protect our planet and the world we are leaving, we must follow the nature around us.

Our advantage

"Private Label" series can be labeled and branded according to your needs.


Due to our customers have various budgets and requirements.So minimum order quantity is flexible to ensure lower order from our customers. We aslo welcome to place a large volume order from every one.

Vegan Leather material

We have expertise in purchasing pure raw materials, such as pure leather or suede, as well as organic cotton, canvas, bamboo and hemp of various qualities and colors.

No design restrictions

Modern pure materials are durable, breathable and luxurious, and they are by no means second-class substitutes for leather. Pure leather will not limit your design options.

Faster shipping

Custom leather jacket sample shipping time within wroking days,womens and mens leather jacket shipping cost during 15~40 working days.

QC system

Custom leather jacket produced and inspected by professional personnel then arragned shipment.

Professional team

We treat every costomer attentively and seriously,your inquiry will be responded timely.

Why use vegan leather?

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • This is a way to reduce waste
  • Leather substitute
  • Vegetarians are 100% cruelty free

Customer Reviews

vegan leather jacket

"Luckily,the reality of our operations as a private label garment manufacturer is that of an ethically-run business.All our workers have legal contracts,and have respectable and safe working conditions."

"I love this custom leather jacket. It's really flattering and looks good with everything. The arms are a little short but besides that it's perfect to throw on top of any outfit and elevate it."

"The leather jacket sizing is inaccurate, as the large size I ordered fit like a small size. It's possible that it was mistagged at the manufacturing plant. Other than that, it is well-constructed."

"Danke always delivers high-quality products on time and on budget. From customized samples to thousands of large orders, we believe Danke can help our business succeed."

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Danke is the manufacturer&factory of high-quality leather jackets you have been looking for a traditional leather and ecological leather manufacturer from China. We are proud to provide exquisite handmade products exclusively, low minimum order quantity, and fast reorder time. With more than 30 years of experience in the leather garment manufacturing industry, today, we are the leader of the fashion system.
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With over 30 years of experience in clothing manufacturing, DANKE is your one-stop destination for private label custom Leather Jackets & Coats. We provide comprehensive factory services to meet all your needs.Leather Jackets is not just clothes, it reflects a culture of individuality. Warm welcome purchasing manager, individual clothing brand owners & designers, and wholesaler, ects. Email us your specific inquiries.
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